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Puerta del Sol in Madrid, 20th of May 2011.

15Mpedia is a free-content encyclopedia about the 15M movement which is a part of the 15M.cc project. Its rules are similar to Wikipedia's:

  • 15Mpedia is an encyclopedia.
  • 15Mpedia aims to achieve a «neutral point of view». This means offering information from all possible angles, presenting each point of view precisely, giving context to the articles so that readers can understand all the points of view, and not presenting any point of view as «the real one» or «the best». This implies quoting authorised sources that can be checked whenever possible, especially on controversial topics.
  • 15Mpedia is a free-content encyclopedia. All the contents on this encyclopedia are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) license.
  • 15Mpedia follows etiquette rules. Respect your 15Mpedia companions even when you disagree with their point of view. Be civilised. Avoid personal attacks and generalisations. Stay calm when things get tense.
  • 15Mpedia has no strict rules beyond the five general principles mentioned on this page. Be bold when creating, moving or modifying articles.

To understand the implications of these rules better, you can read «What 15Mpedia is not».