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Durante algunas acampadas, asambleas y manifestaciones se han realizado grabaciones de sonido ambiente. Estos son algunos ejemplos.


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[editar] 2011

  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-15: This album collects the raw takes of the May 15th demonstration organised by Democracia Real Ya: the event that would trigger the occupation of Madrid's Puerta del Sol that very night.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-16: These recordings document the early morning and afternoon of May 16th. After the demonstration of the previous evening has died down, a group of 30 people gather in Madrid's Puerta del Sol and decide to occupy the square. Workgroups and commissions are quickly organised, and a first assembly was held. These few hours turned out to be the beginning of something very important.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-17: In the early morning hours of May 17th, riot police charged and evicted the initial "acampada" in Puerta del Sol, putting a temporary end to the occupation. Nevertheless, the news travelled fast through social media, and that very afternoon the authorities suffered a typical case of a "Barbara Streisand Effect". That evening, over 15 000 citizens gathered in the square in protest against the eviction.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-21: After the upheaval of its first week of existence, these recordings document the everyday life of what had become a city-within-a-city, a large occupation camp bustling with activists, visitors and passers-by.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-24: Acampada Sol was bustling, busy little city-within-a-city, with different commissions organising constant public assemblies in different parts of the occupation. These recordings document the second public assembly of the Culture Commission.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-28: Local, distributed action was an important part of the agenda of the 15M movement. Aside fromt eh general assemblies in Acampada Sol, more and more local assemblies sprung out in every quarter of Madrid. This recording documents the second public assembly in Lavapiés.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-05-29: By the end of May 2011, Acampada Sol had grown to a point where even the day-to-day maintenance of the occupation had become so demanding that little more could be done. Many participants felt that while taking over Madrid's main square had had an inmense symbolic effect and had provided the movement with visibility, it was also threatening to derail efforts from the initial objectives of the movement. The initial mobilisation had started in the Net, and the movement was a networked one. The weight of the centre - Acampada Sol - was threatening to exhaust all its strength. Proposals were launched to once again become a distributed movement, abandon the occupation, and move back to the Net and to the local neighbourhood assemblies. But there were a lot of voices against this idea. The General Assembly had a hard time reaching a consensus, and the last days of May were dedicated to endless heated debates about the future of the occupation. These recordings document one such public assembly.
  • #15MAudio: 2011-06-19: In line with the decision to leave behind the occupation of Puerta del Sol and to promote the decentralised operation of local assemblies, the 15M movement called for a march on the Congress on June 19th. A number of columns from many peripheral quarters of the city marched on and converged at Plaza Neptuno, next to the Congreso de los Diputados, by midday.
  • #15Maudio: 2011-08-03: August the 3rd was the second day that Madrid's Puerta del Sol remained cordoned off by the police. These recordings document most of what happened around the city centre that day. A concentration in Atocha square confusingly forked off into two different demos, and, eventually, crowds of protestors besieged the police cordons for most of the evening and the following night. Still, Puerta del Sol remained out of reach.
  • #15Maudio: 2011-08-05: August the 4th proved a dramatic day. That evening, after a demo had reached the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the riot police had charged violently against the protestors.
  • #15Maudio: 2011-08-18: The day before, on August 17th, an anti-Church demonstration had ended up in trouble, which involved a police charge and detentions. So, once again,the atmosphere was tense in Puerta del Sol. A protest was called for, and most of the afternoon was spent manoeuvering around the main square, with the riot police always in check. Unfortunately, another police charge followed that evening.
  • #15Maudio: 2011-08-19: Yet another protest demo was called on the 19th of August, but this time, with the city taken over by the thousands of pilgrims who were there for the Pope's visit, absolute chaos ensued, and the demonstration itself was lost amidst the turmoil of it all. This was, most likely, one of the noisiest and craziest nights Madrid has had in recent years.
  • #15Maudio: 2011-08-20: The chaos of the evening of August the 19th was followed by something unusual. Despite the tense atmosphere and the dramatic events of August the 18th, some members of the 15M movement and some Catholics actually managed to establish a dialogue, and a joint assembly was held in Puerta del Sol in the early morning hours of the 29th.

[editar] 2012

  • #15MAudio: 2012-05-14: El 14 de mayo, el tira-y-afloja entre autoridades y activistas continúa alrededor de la Puerta del Sol. Estas grabaciones recogen el ambiente alrededor de la Asamblea General de ese día.
  • #15MAudio: 2012-05-15: El día del aniversario del #15M en Madrid arrancó con una ensordecedora cacerolada (probablemente la mayor convocada en esta ciudad), que duró más de una hora. Tras la Asamblea General, la fiesta pasó a una improvisada marcha y otra cacerolada ante la Bolsa de Madrid, y una larga deambulación por las calles del centro de Madrid.
  • #15MAudio: 2012-11-28 #28N #launienlacalle: En protesta por los recortes en la universidad pública, el día 28 de noviembre los profestores de la Universidad Complutense y de otros centros salieron a la calle a impartir sus clases. Estas fueron algunas de ellas.

[editar] 2013

  • #15MAudio: 2013-01-31 #31E Madrid, concentración en Génova: Las recientes revelaciones sobre casos de corrupción en las altas esferas políticas (el caso «Bárcenas», en concreto) llevaron el descontento social en Madrid a un punto de ebullición. Estas grabaciones registran parte de la concentración frente a la Sede del Partido Popular en Madrid el día 31 de enero de 2013.
  • #15MAudio: 2013-02-01 Volvemos #1F Madrid: Tras las concentraciones del #31E en Madrid y Barcelona, y la decisión de varias personas de acampar en Plaça Catalunya, el día 1 de febrero se convocaron marchas en Madrid y Barcelona. Estas grabaciones registran parte de la manifestación en Madrid, entre la calle Atocha y la Puerta del Sol.
  • #15MAudio: 2013-12-20 De la piel p'adentro mando yo (#MiBomboesMío): El 20 de diciembre de 2013, ante la incipiente reforma de la Ley del Aborto, y usando el hashtag #MiBomboesMío, en Madrid fue convocada una manifestación en protesta a las 19:00 de la tarde ante el Ministerio de Justicia. Un par de horas más tarde, la concentración emprendió una deriva por la zona de ocio de Malasaña, la calle Fuencarral, la Gran Vía, y pasó por la Puerta del Sol camino a la plaza Jacinto Benavente.

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